Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vitamin D

Canadian Cancer Society announces national program to prevent cancer using vitamin D
Canada has done what the U.S. refuses to do: Protect the health of its people through a national program of encouraging vitamin D supplementation. While U.S. cancer groups like the American Cancer Society stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the benefits of vitamin D supplements in cancer prevention, the Canadian Cancer Society is launching a program to make sure every Canadian citizen receives a level of vitamin D sufficient to prevent most cancers, including breast cancer.

Do you want to know why?
I'll tell you why, and you won't like the answer. It's because the cancer industry depends on all 100 of those women being diagnosed with cancer and treated with profitable cancer "management" protocols like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Preventing cancer in 75 percent of women (or more) would deny the cancer industry three-fourths of its revenue. It would shrink the industry, reduce funding, and result in a mass exodus of cancer jobs. Donations would dry up and cancer non-profits (which thrive on the continuation of cancer) would lose big. This is why they won't support cancer prevention that really works. Preventing cancer is simply not in the self interest of the cancer industry. Prevention is bad for business.

Not only will Vitamin D help prevent cancer, living an alkaline lifestyle is a certain way to
prevent cancer. Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline terrain. The Cancer Society doesn’t
want to hear this information either.

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