Sunday, December 2, 2007


The holidays are fast approaching, you may already be feeling the effects of all the planning and partying. If you want to stay balanced, relaxed and calm, it's necessary every so often to step back and decompress.
Treat yourself to a massage, meditate,
watch a movie, one that relaxes you and inspires you. Remember “things” will get
done – if they don’t it doesn’t matter!

Do you find that the demands on your time are overwhelming, don't be afraid to politely say "no" when someone asks you to do something. Learn your limits. You can't do it all and you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Be a little selfish once in a while by scheduling "me time" - it will help keep you in touch with yourself during the season ahead.

Watch your diet. Cut back as much as you can on “sweets”-- they stress the body. Over indulgence, whether it’s food or drink (the alcoholic kind) will make you tired. Drink lots of water --good water as alkaline as possible.
Get a little exercise –a nice walk will do. Embracing the Holiday Spirit is being who
you are with joy and grace.

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