Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today I was reading an article about salt water by Richard A. Bowen. ( He claims that salt water can be a great help to those of us who suffer from constipation. He also claims that salt water is great for detoxification of the body. I would agree whole heartedly with his statement. However, he did not make it extremely clear that it must be the “right” kind of salt that you use. Regular table salt purchased in the local grocery store will not do. It has had all the natural minerals stripped from it, leaving only sodium
chloride. You must use salt that is whole and unprocessed.

It is no coincidence that our body fluids are salted with sodium or that the ocean
is salted with sodium rather than some other element. Salt in its natural form is at
the foundation of life and without it we would die.
According to Dr. Robert O. Young, when you have sugar cravings it is not the
need for sugar but your need for salt. Take a small amount of salt and your
cravings will go away and you will have renewed energy.

If you want to have better bones and muscles – eat more salt.
Contrary to what we have been told, if you want to maintain
healthier blood pressure eat more of the right kind of salt, it must
be free from added iodine or caking agents. Your health depends on it.

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